October 3: Mystics, Manics, and Holy Men

October 3, 1994. The debut of Mixed Up Class, featuring Bay Area newcomer Mimi Dye's viola adaptations of sacred songs of the Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, a medieval mystic. Add the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi on the following day, October 4, and you have a generic holy man. Round out the offerings with a few representative madmen.

Here is an informal playlist, until the official one is available for cross checking.

Hildegard of Bingen: Spiritual Songs

Hildegard of Bingen: Spiritual Songs
	(adapted for viola by Mimi Dye)

Benjamin Britten: Rejoice in the Lamb
	(Text by Christopher Smart, 17th century poet and lunatic)
	(Choir of King's College, Cambridge; Philip Ledger)

Francis Jackson: Benedicite
	(Choir of St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh; Dennis Townhill)

William Mathias:
	As Truly as God is our Father (text by Dame Julian of Norwich)
	Let the people praise thee, O God
	(Choir of Christ Church Cathedral; Stephen Darlington)

Alec Wyton: A Hymne to God the Father (poetry by John Donne)
	(Choir of Trinity Church, Princeton; James Litton)

Kevin Volans: String Quartet No. 2, "Hunting and Gathering: First Expedition"
	(Balanescu Quartet)

Ashia Chacko: My Cousin is a Dalai Lama

Soundtrack from "Little Bhudda":
	Gompa Heart Sutra
	End Titles

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Prelude to the Phantom of the Opera
	(James Welch, organist)

Maurice Durufle: Prelude and Fugue on the Name of A.L.A.I.N.
	(Irene Willis, organist)

Durufle: Prelude on the Introit for Epiphany
	(John Scott, Organist)

Durufle: Ubi Caritas
	Tota pulchra es
	(Corydon Singers; Matthew Best)

Joan Baez: Stones in the Road

Other music was broadcast. Check this space again for corrections.
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