November 28: Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends? They're more substantial than Romains of the Day, but like Romains of the Day, they may lack a unifying theme.

We open with a set which includes local performers with upcoming concerts:

Heinrich Schütz						(CD: Star of Wonder)
		Cantate Domino
		(San Francisco Choral Artists; Ralph Hooper)

Joshua fit de battle					(CD: Sonos Handbell
		(Sonos Handbell Ensemble;		 Ensemble)
		 James Meredith)

I can tell the world
My Lord, what a morning
		(Santa Clara Chorale; Lyn Shurtleff)

I'm gonna ride the chariot				(CD: Best of Trinity's
		(Choir of Men, Boys, and Girls,		 Choirs, Vol. I)
		 Trinity Church Princeton, NJ;
		 John Bertalot)

Next, a set of historical performances of English folksongs, including music by Benjamin Britten which didn't make it on last week's program because of time constraints. Also featured are songs performed by Kathleen Ferrier, some arranged by Britten.

Tom Bowling						(CD: Folksongs)
The Lincolnshire Poacher
		(Peter Pears, tenor; Benjamin Britten, piano)

I have a bonnet, trimmed with blue			(CD: Blow the Wind
My boy Willie						 Southerly)
I know where I'm going
		(Kathleen Ferrier, contralto; John Newmark, piano)

Ca' th' yowes
The plough boy
		(Peter Pears, tenor; Benjamin Britten, piano)

The stuttering lovers
		(Kathleen Ferrier, contralto; John Newmark, piano)

Avenging and bright
		(Peter Pears, tenor; Benjamin Britten, piano)

Next, a Medieval/Renaissance turn, including the Tallis Scholars, who perform November 30 at Stanford Memorial Church.

Gregorio Allegri:	Miserere			(CD: Tallis Scholars
		(Tallis Scholars; Peter Philips)	 Live in Rome)

G. Allegri:		Miserere (excerpt)		(CD: Allegri Motets)
		(A Sei Voci; Bernard Fabre-Garrus)

Josquin de Pres:	Ave Maria			(CD: Christmas Carols
		(Tallis Scholars; Peter Philips)	 and Motets)

Ave Maris Stella					(CD: An English
		(Anonymous 4)				 Ladymass)

There is no rose					(CD: Christmas Carols
		(Tallis Scholars; Peter Philips)	 and Motets)

Next, an Eastern Orthodox perspective from English composers of the late and early 20th century.

John Tavener:	Slava Tebie Kontakion I / Ikos I	(CD: Akathist of
		(BBC Symphony;				 Thanksgiving)
		 Choir of Westminster Abbey)

Edward Bairstow: Let all mortal flesh keep silence	(CD: Sing We Merrily)
		(Choir of St. John's Cathedral, Denver;
		 Donald Pearson)

In commemoration of Chanukah, the Jewish Feast of Lights, we have music from an oratorio based on the exploits of the commander who repelled the invaders and allowed reconsecration of the Temple in Jerusalem.

George Frideric Händel:	Judas Maccabeus (selections)	(CD: Judas Maccabeus)
		(Philharmonia Baroque; Nicholas McGegan)

G. F. Händel:	See, the conqu'ring hero comes		(CD: Highlights from
		(English Chamber Orchestra;		 Judas Maccabeus)
		 Johannes Sommary)

Finally, a set of instrumental music to accelerate the pace leading up to Freeloader's Audio Terrorism show.

High Noon in Volgograd					(CD: Agada)
		(Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band)

Michael Vogt:	Wonderland Duets for Tuba and Narrator	(CD: Tuba Intim)
		(Lyrics by Lewis Carroll; translated to German)

Léo Boëllmann:	Toccata					(CD: Great Toccatas)
		(Marie-Claire Alain, organ)

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