January 2: Time Passes

In observation of the new year and the first Mixed Up Class of 1995, this program is titled "Time Passes." Following on the heels of a Cardinal basketball game, it only seemed appropriate to open with a piece that approached concerts as sporting events.

PDQ Bach: Beethoven Fifth Symphony			(LP: PDQ Bach
		(New York Mills [MN] Philharmonic;	  on the Air)
		 Heilige Dankgesang, conductor;
		 Pete Schickele, Bob Dennis, commentators)

Time out, take five					(St. Mark's, Palo Alto)
		(William Trimble, saxophone;
		 James Welch, piano)

Nanci Griffith: Turn Around				(CD: Other Voices,
							     Other Rooms)

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Only A Dream			(CD: Come On Come On)

Nanci Griffith: So Long Ago				(CD: Little Love

Cheryl Wheeler: 75 Septembers				(CD: Philo 20th
							 Anniversary Sampler)

J. S. Bach: Bist du bei mir				(St. Mark's, Palo Alto)
		(William Trimble, saxophone;
		 James Welch, organ)

Cristóbal de Morales: Parce mihi domine			(CD: Officium)
		(Hilliard Ensemble; Jan Gabarek)

Richard Purvis, long time organist and music director at Grace Cathedral, died on 12/24/94. Here is one of his compositions, in commemoration of his life.

Richard Purvis: Divinum Mysterium			(CD: Discovery +
		(James Welch, organ)			 Music for Christmas)

Louis Vierne: Carillon de Westminster			(CD: The Sounds of
		(Ross Wood, organ;			    of Trinity)
		 Trinity Brass Ensemble)

Johannes Brahms: Wie Alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras	(CD: Ein Deutsches
		(Vienna Philharmonic; Vienna		      Requiem)
		 Singverein; Herbert von Karajan)

François Poulenc: Chansons Françaises			(University of Illinois
		(UI Masters Chorus;			 Doctor of Musical Arts
		 Kîrin Nielsen)					Recital)

John Dowland: Me, me, and none but me			(CD: Lute Songs)
		(Alfred Deller, countertenor;
		 Robert Spencer, lute)

John Kelly: When you are old
		(San Francisco Choral Artists)

George Frideric Handel:					(CD: The Triumph of
	 The Triumph of Time and Truth (selections)	 of Time and Truth)
		(London Handel Orchestra and Chorus;
		 Gillian Fisher, Emma Kirkby, Charles
		 Brett, Stephen Varcoe, soloists;
		 Denys Darlow, music director)

Patterson: Time Piece					(CD: 20th Anniversary
		(The King's Singers)			       Sampler)

Paul Lansky: Now and Then				(CD: Homebrew)

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