February 27: Fat Monday

This evenings program is a binge on music of George Frideric Händel, with some connections to some of the large-scale celebrations of the British Empire, just the day before Fat Tuesday. For instance, "Zadok the priest" has been performed at every English coronation since that of George II in 1727.

G. F. Händel: Zadok the priest				(CD: Coronation Anthems)
		(Choir of New College, Oxford; King's Consort;
				Robert King)

A brief diversion into one of the crowning operas of the classical genre, with a modern reinterpretation:

Michael Nyman: In Re Don Giovanni			(CD: Michael Nyman Live)

W. A. Mozart: Don Giovanni				(CD: Don Giovanni)
	Madamina, il catalogo è questo
		(Ferrucio Furlanetto (Leporello); Berlin
		 Philharmonic; Herbert von Karajan)

Some more music of the British, from coronations or other celebrations:

Händel: My heart is inditing				(CD: Coronation Anthems)
		(Choir of New College, Oxford; King's Consort;
				Robert King)

C. H. H. Parry: I was glad				(CD: Great Music from
C. V. Stanford: Te Deum in B flat			  Great Occasions at
		(Choir of Westminster Abbey;		  Westminster Abbey)
			Martin Neary)
Händel: Dettingen Te Deum				(CD: Dettingen Te Deum)
		(Choir of Westminster Abbey; English
		 Concert; Trevor Pinnock)

An amusing observation: Händel takes 40 minutes of music to convey exactly the same words that Stanford covers in just under seven minutes.

Next, a parting choral piece, more subdued to precede Ash Wednesday:

John Tavener: Funeral Ikos				(CD: Ikos)
		(Choir of King's College, Cambridge;
			Stephen Cleobury)

Finally, some computer-altered sounds from Paul Lansky to keep the airwaves warm for Galaxy Girl and her guest DJ for the evening, Bryce:

Idle Chatter						(CD: More Than Idle
Word Color						      Chatter)

Night Traffic						(CD: Homebrew)
Table's Clear

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