Mixed Up Class, April 24

Bielawa: Quodlibet SF 42569				(CD: Sandra Soderlund
		(Sandra Soderlund; organ)		  plays the Rosales
							       Opus 11)

Igor Stravinsky: Petrushka				(CD: Petrushka /
	First Tableaux					The Soldier's Tale)
	Second Tableaux (excerpt)
		(Redwood Symphony; Eric Kujawsky)

Stravinsky: Danse Russe (from Petrushka)		(CD: The Recorded
		(Samuel Dushkin, violin;		 Violin, Vol. II)
		 Igor Stravinsky; piano)

Camille Saint-Saëns: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra	(CD: Saint-Saëns/
		No. 3 in b minor, op. 61		    Wieniawski
	II. Andantino quasi allegretto			    Concertos)
		(Itzhak Perlman, violin; Orchestre
		 de Paris, Daniel Barenboim)

Josef Suk: Asrael Symphony				(CD: Asrael)
	V. Adagio maestoso
		(Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
		 Orchestra; Libor Pesek)

George Frideric Handel: Selections from Esther		(CD: Esther)
	Jehovah crown'd with Glory bright
	He comes
		(Drew Minter, countertenor; Academy
		 of Ancient Music; Christopher Hogwood)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg variations		(CD: Goldberg
	Variatio 30 a 1 Clav. Quodlibet			 Variations)
	Aria da capo e Fine
		(Pierre Hantaï clavecin)

Cristobal de Moralès: Parce mihi Domine			(CD: Officium
		(Hesperion XX; Jordi Savall)		 Defunctorum)

Cristobal de Moralès: Parce mihi Domine			(CD: Officium)
		(Jan Gabarek, saxophone;
		 Hilliard Ensemble)

Henry Purcell: Songs					(CD: Ohh...
	Man is for the Woman made			  Henry!)
	A Mad Song (Beneath a Poplar)
	Musick for Awhile
		(Susan Rode Morris, soprano;
		 Phebe Craig, harpsichord)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Ah! Vous dirai-je maman	(CD: Anyone for Mozart,
	K. 265, adapted by Ward Swingle			Bach, Handel, Vivaldi?)
		(Swingle Singers)

William Mathias: As Truly as God is our Father		(CD: Mathias Choral
	Let the people praise thee, O God		      Music)
		(Choir of Christ Church Cathedral;
		 Stephen Darlington)

Calvin Hampton: Fanfares
		(James Welch, organ)

Anna Russell: Advice to the aspiring singer		(LP: Anna Russell
	For singers with termendous artistry but	      Sings?)
	no voice: Schlumph
		(Harry Dworkin, piano)

Franz Schubert: Der Verschworonen ["Bondage"]		(LP: Arias and
		(Judith Blegen, soprano;		     Duets)
		 Gervase de Peyer, clarinet;
		 Charles Wadsworth, piano)

Anna Russell: Je n'ai pas de plume de ma tante

Ernest Chausson: Chanson Perpetuelle			(LP: Arias and
		(Frederica von Stade, mezzo-soprano;	     Duets)
		 Joe del Maria, Ani Kavafian, violins;
		 Ida Kavafian, viola; Laurence Lesser,
		 'cello; Charles Wadsworth, piano)

Anna Russell: Contemporary music for tone-deaf singers: My Heart is Red

Arnold Schonberg: from Pierrot Lunaire, part II		(CD: Philippe Herrweghe
	Die Kreuze					 Portrait d'un artiste)
		(Marianne Pousseur, voice;
		 Ensemble Musique Oblique;
		 Philippe Herrweghe)

Anna Russell: For the untrained singer: I gave my love a cherry

Ca' the yowes						(CD: Folksongs)
		(Peter Pears, tenor; Benjamin Britten, piano)

Anna Russell: For the Dramatic Soprano: Schreechenrauf

W. A. Mozart: Der Hoelle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen	(CD: The Magic Flute)
	["A vengeful Hell doth pulse in my heart"]
		(Karin Ott, soprano (Queen of the Night);
		 Berliner Philharmoniker; Herbert von Karajan)

Patrick Doyle: Soundtrack from Henry V			(CD: Henry V Soundtrack)
	The day is yours
	Non nobis, Domine
		(City of Birmingham Symphony
		 Orchestra; Simon Rattle)

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