May 1: May Madrigals

May 1 seems a good time to air out madrigals. This day also marks the 100th anniversary of Leo Sowerby, a prominent American composer in the first half of the 20th Century.

Also in this program, we feature some rediscovered music that the Stanford Savoyards have resurrected for their new production of The Yeoman of the Guard.

Themes of the month:
Clocks, bells or mechanical contraptions: Sonnerie de Ste Genevièves du Mont-de-Paris, and Carillon de Westminster.
National songs: Variations on "America".

Leo Sowerby: I was glad					   (CD:	Choral Music
		(Choir of Trinity Church, Wall Street;	     of	Leo Sowerby)
		 Larry King)

Leo Sowerby: Poem					 (CD: Violin and Organ:
		(Robert	Murray,	violin;	Ardyth Lohuis,	 The Murray/Lohuis Duo)

Antonio	Vivaldi: Concerto in D for 2 violins and 2	 (CD: Vivaldi Concerti)
		(Academy of Ancient Music;
		 Christopher Hogwood)

Marin de Marais: Sonnerie de Ste Geneviève du		  (CD: Tous les	matins
	Mont-de-Paris					 du monde (soundtrack))
		(Fabio Biondi, violin; Jordi Savall,
		 bass viol; Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord;
		 Rolf Lislevand, theorbo)

Louis Vierne: Carillon de Westminster			  (CD: Great Toccatas)
		(Marie-Claire Alain, organ)

Thomas Morley: Now is the Month	of Maying		  (CD: King's Singers
		(The King's Singers)			    20th Anniversary
							  Celebration Sampler)

Thomas Morley: April is	in my Mistress's Face		     (CD: Draw on,
		(The Hilliard Ensemble)			      sweet night)

Henry Purcell: Sweeter than Roses			      (CD: Sweeter
	Hark the Echoing Air				       than Roses)
		(Drew Minter, countertenor)

John Wilbye: Sweet Honey-sucking bees			     (CD: Draw on,
		(The Hilliard Ensemble)			      sweet night)

John Wilbye: Flora gave	me fairest flowers		  (LP: Oxford Book of
		(Pro Cantione Antiqua)			   English Madrigals)

The Oak	and the	Ash					  (CD: King's Singers
		(King's	Singers)			    20th Anniversary
							  Celebration Sampler)

Alistair McAlpine's Lament				    (CD: Folk Songs)
		(Westminster Choir; Joseph Flummerfelt)

Ralph Vaughan Williams:	I sowed	the seeds of Love	   (CD:	Greensleeves)
	Early in the Spring
		(London	Madrigal Society)

Ralph Vaughan Williams:	Five English Folksongs
	The dark-eyed sailor
	The springtime of the year
	As the tide was	flowing
	The lover's ghost
	Wassail	song
		(San Francisco Choral Artists)

Morley:	My Bonny Lass She Smileth			  (LP: Oxford Book of
		(Pro Cantione Antiqua)			   English Madrigals)

PDQ Bach: My Bonny Lass	She Smelleth			     (CD: PDQ Bach:
							    The	Stoned Guest)

Arthur S. Sullivan: Overture to	Yeoman of the Guard	     (CD: Sullivan
		(Scottish Chamber Orchestra;		       Overtures)
		 Sir Alexander Faris)

Arthur S. Sullivan: When jealous torments rack my soul
	(from Yeoman of	the Guard)
		(Neill Midkiff (Shadbolt);
		 Stanford Savoyards)

Arthur S. Sullivan: When the Foeman Bares his Steel	    (CD: A Gilbert &
	(from Pirates of Penzance)			    Sullivan Gallery)
		(D'Oyly	Carte Opera Company)

Arthur S. Sullivan: When all night long	a chap remains	     (CD: Iolanthe)
		(Owen Brannigan	(Willis); D'Oyly Carte
		 Opera Company; Isidore Godfrey)

Percy Grainger:	Country	Gardens				 (CD: Country Gardens)
	Shepherd's Hey
		(Eastman Wind Symphony;	Rochester Pops;
		 Frederick Fennell)

Arthur S. Sullivan: Act	I Finale (from Yeoman of the Guard)
		(Stanford Savoyards)

Arthur S. Sullivan: I am the very model	of the modern	    (CD: The Pirates
	major general					      of Penzance)
		(Sir John Reed (Major General);	D'Oyly
		Carte Opera Company; Isidore Godfrey)

Tom Lehrer: The	Elements				    (CD: An Evening
							      (Wasted) with
							       Tom Lehrer)

Alexader Glazunov: Violin Concerto in c	minor
		(Josef Sivo, violin; Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
		 Horst Stein)

Charles	Ives: Variations on "America" (arranged	W. Schumann)
		(Seattle Symphony; Gerard Schwartz)

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