May 22: Ascension and Stanford Choral Music

There are three distinct segments to this program. First is a section of music relevant to arising in general, or Ascension Day (May 25 this year) in particular. There is also a section that airs a concert tape from the St. Mark's Concert Series in Palo Alto, which was freshly recorded on May 21. The final hour of this program features Stephen Sano, coordinator of choral music programs in the Stanford University Music Department.

Themes of the month:
Clocks, bells or mechanical contraptions: Les Tisserands (the weavers)
National songs: N'Kosi Sikelel'i Afrika (God bless Afrika)

Cyril Jenkins: Dawn					    (CD: St. Mary's
		(John Balka, organ)			     Cathedral,	San

Ralph Vaughan Williams:	O clap your hands		  (CD: Great Music for
		(Choir of Westminster Abbey;		   Great Occasions at
		 Martin Neary)				   Westminster Abbey)

H. G. Ley: Prayer of King Henry	VI			   (CD:	Evensong for
		(Choir of King's College, Cambridge;	     Ascension Day)
		 Philip Ledger)

Orlando	Gibbons: Praise	the Lord, O my soul		      (CD: Gibbons
	O clap your hands				      Church Music)
		(Clerkes of Oxenford; David Wulstan)

Gibbons: Fantasia on 4 parts				     (CD: Musick as
William	Tisdall: Pavana	Chromatica			     befits a Quene)
		(Edward	Parmentier, harpsichord)

Judith Weir: Ascending into Heaven			 (CD: English Anthems)
		(Choir of King's College, Cambridge;
		 Stephen Cleobury)

Orlando	di Lasso:					    (CD: Orlando di
	Jesu, nostra redemptio				      Lasso Motets)
	Regina coeli
		(Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge;
		 Richard Marlow)

François Poulenc: Les Tisserands
		(University of Illinois	Chamber	Chorus;
		 Kîrin Nielsen)

Louis Vierne: Finale (from Symphony No.	1)		      (CD: Vierne
		(Michael Murray, organ)			    Symphonies 1 & 6)

Guy Weitz: Fanfare and March
		(James Welch, organ)

Puccini: Musetta's Waltz (from La Bohème)
		(Rebecca Maggi,	soprano; James Welch, piano)

Bizet: Seguidilla (from	Carmen)
		(Deborah Benedict, mezzo-soprano;
		 Richard Liszt, tenor; James Welch, piano)

William	Walton:	Suite from King	Henry V			      (CD: Walton
	The Globe Playhouse				    Violin Concerto)
		(Florida Philharmonic; James Judd)

Rossini: Selections from Barber	of Seville
	Dunque io son
		(Michael Morris, baritonie; Deborah Benedict,
		 mezzo-soprano; James Welch, piano)

Leo Sowerby: Very Slowly				    (CD: In a Quiet
		(Todd Wilson, organ)			       Cathedral)

Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony, Op. 4		  (CD: Young Person's
	II. Playful pizzicato				      Guide to the
	III. Sentimental sarabande			       Orchestra)
		(English Chamber Orchestra; Benjamin Britten)

W. A. Mozart: Requiem
	I. Introit
	II. Requiem
	III. Dies Irae
		(Stanford Symphonic Chorus; Stanford
		 University Singers; Stephen Sano)

Anton Bruckner:	Os Justi
		(Stanford Chamber Chorale; Greg	Waits)

John Rutter: Magnificat
	Magnificat anima mea
		(SU Singers; Stephen Sano)

Tara Koimato: Mabaron
		(SU Singers; Stanford Taiko)

Leonard	Bernstein: Chichester Psalms
		(Perry Cook, countertenor; SU Singers;
		 SU Chamber Choral; Stephen Sano)

Maurice	Duruflé: Nôtre Père
		(SU Singers; Amy Lieberman '94)

C. V. Stanford:	The Bluebird
		(SU Singers; Stephen Sano)

Enoch Sontonga: N'Kosi Sikelel'i Afrika (CD: Postcards) (Turtle Creek Chorale; Timothy Seelig)

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