May 29: Memory

There are two large blocks of music for this Memorial Day program. First, there is music composed in memory of composers. Next, there is Americana, especially music with Civil War connections, since Memorial Day was an outgrowth of remembering soldiers who fell in the Civil War.

Themes of the month: Clocks, bells or mechanical contraptions: Variations et Fugue sur le Thème du Carillon des Heures de la Cathédrale de Soissons.
National songs: Music and Songs from Gettysburg.

Paul Lansky: Memory Pages				     (CD: More than
							      Idle Chatter)

Frederic Mompou: Spanish Songs and Dances		      (CD: Spanish
		(Alicia	de Larrocha, piano)		    Songs and Dances)

Jehain Alain: Litanies					  (CD: Great Toccatas)
		(Marie-Claire Alain, organ)

Maurice	Duruflé: Prélude and Fugue on the name of	     (CD: Duruflé:
	A.L.A.I.N.					    L'oeuvre d'orgue)
		(Phillipe Lefebvre, organ)

Maurice	Duruflé: Variations et Fugue sur le Thème du	  (CD: Organ Music of
	Carillon des Heures de la Cathédrale de Soissons    Maurice Duruflé)
		(John Scott, organ)

Maurice	Ravel: Berceuse	sur le nom de Gabriel FAURÉ	(CD: Un	coeur en hiver)
		(Jean-Jacques Kantorow,	violin;
		 Jacques Rouvier, piano)

Arvo Pärt: Cantus in Memory of Benjamin	Britten		  (CD: Young Person's
		(Bergen	Philharmonic Orchestra;		      Guide to the
		 Neeme Järvi)				       Orchestra)

David Diamond: Elegy in	memory of Maurice Ravel		 (CD: American Elegies)
		(Orchestra of St. Luke's; John Adams)

Morton Feldman:	Madame Press Died Last Week at Ninety	 (CD: American Elegies)
		(Orchestra of St. Luke's; John Adams)

George Gershwin: Preludes				   (CD:	Heifetz	Plays
		(Jascha	Heifetz, violin;		  Gershwin and Encores)
		 Gerald	Moore, piano)

Maurice	Duruflé: Prélude, Fugue	et Choral Varié	sur	  (CD: Organ Music of
	Veni Creator					    Maurice Duruflé)
		(John Scott, organ)

Aaron Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man		     (CD: Portraits
		(Seattle Symphony Orchestra;		       of Freedom)
		 Gerard Schwartz)

Music and Songs	from Gettysburg				  (CD: More Music and
							 Songs from Gettysburg)

Samuel Barber: Agnus Dei				 (CD: Sing We Merrily)
		(Choir of St. John's Episcopal
		 Cathedral, Denver)

Charles	Ives: General William Booth Enters Heaven	    (LP: Ives: Music
		(Gregg Smith Singers; Ithaca College	       for Chorus)
		Concert	Choir; Gregg Smith)

Jay Ungar: Ashokan Farewell				      (CD: Heroes)
		(Mark O'Connor and Pinchas Zukerman,

Aaron Copland: A Lincoln Portrait			     (CD: Portraits
		(James Earl Jones, speaker; Seattle	       of Freedom)
		Symphony Orchestra; Gerard Schwartz)

Mary Chapin Carpenter: I am a town			 (CD: Come On Come On)

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