June 12: Season Finale

This is the final Mixed Up Class for this season. I'll be baack...

Continuing themes:
Clocks, bells or mechanical contraptions: Carillon sur Lauda Sion.
National songs: God Defend New Zealand.

Fanfare I (improvisation) 				  (CD: Praise the Lord)
	Gerre Hancock, organ

Alan Hovahness: Fred the Cat				   (CD: Fred the Cat)
	Give a cat a twig and he takes a tree
	Purr dance
	Fred the Cat and distant mountain
	Fred the Cat flies to Heaven
		(Marvin Rosen, piano)

Alan Hovahness: Achtamar				   (CD: Fred the Cat)
		(Marvin Rosen, piano)

Fretwork						 (CD: The English Viol)
	Anthony Holborne: Pavan & Galliard
	William Byrd: Christe Redemptor
	Byrd: In Nomine
	John Dowland: Lachrimae gementes
	Dowland: Semper Dowland, semper dolens
	Dowland: M. Bucton his galiard

Pablo de Sarasate					      (CD: Homage
	Jota Navarra					      to Sarasate)
	Romanza Andaluza
		(Rachel Barton, violin;
		 Samuel Saunders, piano)

Albert Alain: Carillon sur Lauda Sion			   (CD: Marie-Claire
		(Marie-Claire Alain, organ)		   Alain plays Albert
							    and Jehan Alain)

J. S. Bach: Lobet den Herren				     (CD: Bach: The
		(Choir of Trinity College,		       Six Motets)
		 Cambridge; Richard Marlow)

Be thou my vision					      (LP: Belfast
		(Choir of Belfast Cathedral;		    Cathedral Choir)
		 Jonathan Gregory)

Jan Bender: Variations on "Slane"			      (CD: Rondo)
		(Robert Murray, violin;
		 Ardyth Lohuis, organ)

Alan Ridout: Ferdinand					      (CD: Poème)
		(Lydia Mordkovitch, violin;
		 Gabriel Woolf, narrator)

William Kroll: Banjo & Fiddle				      (CD: Poème)
		(Lydia Mordkovitch, violin;
		 Marina Gusak-Grin, piano)

Bryan Kelly						      (LP: Belfast
	Magnificat					    Cathedral Choir)
	Nunc dimittis
		(Choir of Belfast Cathedral;
		 Jonathan Gregory)

Shenandoah (arranged James Erb)
		(San Francisco Choral Artists)

Gustav Mahler: In diesem Wetter 			      (CD: Mahler:
		(Kathleen Ferrier, contralto; Wiener	   Kindertotenlieder)
		 Philharmoniker; Bruno Walter)

Aaron Copland: Stomp your foot				  (CD: Choral Music of
		(UCLA Madrigal Singers; Donn Weiss)	    Twentieth Century

Conrad Susa: Magnificat 				 (CD: Praise the Lord)
		(Choir of St. Thomas, Fifth
		 Ave.; Gerre Hancock)

Franz Schubert: from Deutsche Messe			     (CD: Schubert:
	Sanctus 					     Deutsche Messe)
		(Regensburger Domspatzen;
		 Georg Ratzinger)

George Frideric Händel: My Heart is inditing		(CD: Händel: Musick for
		(Choir of New College, Oxford;		  the Royal Fireworks;
		 The King's Consort; Robert King)	     Four Coronation

Benjamin Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the	     (CD: Bernstein
	Orchestra					       Favorites:
		(Master Henry Chapin, narrator; NY	  Children's Classics)
		 Philharmonic; Leonard Bernstein)

God Defend New Zealand					    (CD: New Zealand
		(New Zealand National			  National Youth Choir
		 Youth Choir; Karen Grylls)		 on Tour: North America

The Lincolnshire Poacher (arranged by Benjamin Britten)     (CD: Folksongs)
		(Peter Pears, tenor;
		 Benjamin Britten, piano)

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