Mixed Up Class Playlist, 10/9/95

There didn't seem to be any global unifying theme for today's program. However, in the closing hour, there was a fair amount of poking fun at the Last Night of the BBC Promenade Concerts:

The Last Night is the most overrated event of the musical calendar. It's awful (although this year there's a new work which should confuse the partygoers) with people waving Union flags and letting off klaxons. It's one of those institutions which cannot be changed under pain of something-really-nasty as one conductor found a few years ago when he tried to drop "Land of Hope and Glory" and "Rule, Britannia" from the programme. It's much better to go to the real concerts.

--Disenchanted UK Music Lover

The abovementioned "Jerusalem" is a setting of a poem by the unconventional poet/artist William Blake. More musical settings of Blake's poetry will be featured in future editions of Mixed Up Class.

We also continue with music of Henry Purcell (1659-1695) in this 300th anniversary year of Purcell's death.

Michael Gordon: Yo Shakespeare				(CD: Terminal Velocity)

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata No. 21 in C ("Waldstein")	 (CD: Beethoven Sonatas
		(Richard Goode) 			    Opp. 53, 54, 57)

Serge Prokofiev: Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2 in	    (CD: Prokofiev:
	D, Op. 94a					     Violin Sonatas)
		(Shlomo Mintz, violin;
		 Yefim Bronfman, piano)

Thomas Arne: Rule Brittania				   (CD: Music for the
		(Sarah Walker; Royal Philharmonic	  Last Night of Proms)
		 Orchestra; Sir Charles Groves)

Henry Purcell: Te Deum (Z. 232) 			     (CD: Purcell:
		(Choir of Christ Church Cathedral;	      Choral Works)
		 The English Concert; Simon Preston)

Henry Purcell: Songs of Henry Purcell			 (CD: Ohhh ... Henry!)
	Man is for the woman made
	A Mad Song (Beneath a poplar)
	Musick for awhile
		(Susan Rode Morris, soprano;
		 Phebe Craig, Harpsichord)

Ian Partridge, tenor; Jakob Lindberg, lute		    (CD: It fell on
	John Dowland: Sweet, stay awhile, why will you rise  a summer's day)
	Dowland: Fine knacks for ladies
	Thomas Campion: Come, you pretty false-eyed wanton

Jesu Cristes milde moder				     (CD: The Lily
		(Anonymous 4)				       & The Lamb)

William Mathias: As truly as God is our Father		      (CD: William
		(Christ Church Cathedral Choir; 	     Mathias: Church
		 Stephen Darlington)			     and Choral Music)

Sir John Goss: Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven	    (CD: Coronation
		(Choir of St. Paul's			    Anthems & Hymns)
		 Cathedral; Barry Rose)

Purcell: Trumpet Tune from "King Arthur"		    (CD: Coronation
		(Christopher Dearnley, organ)		    Anthems & Hymns)

Sir Edward Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance March in D	   (CD: Music for the
		(Royal Philharmonic Orchestra		  Last Night of Proms)
		 & Chorus; Sir Charles Groves)

Sir Arthur Bliss: Jubilant Fanfare			    (CD: Coronation
							    Anthems & Hymns)

C. H. H. Parry: I was glad				    (CD: Coronation
		(Choir of St. Paul's			    Anthems & Hymns)
		 Cathedral; Barry Rose)

Parry: Jerusalem					   (CD: Music for the
		(Sarah Walker; Royal Philharmonic	  Last Night of Proms)
		Orchestra & Chorus; Sir Charles Groves)

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Sonata IV in D		      (CD: Biber:
		(Sanssouci-Ensemble Hamburg)		   Sonaten 1681 (II))

Annbjørg Lien: The Water Lily				     (CD: Felefeber
							     Fiddle Music))

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