A strange and distant land

Starting from the recent release of Giya Kancheli's Exil, this program works mainly from a theme of displacement or movement.

Steve Reich: Different Trains				     (CD: Different
	America before the war				     Trains/Electric
		(Kronos Quartet)			      Counterpoint)

Enrique Granados: Danzas españolas			  (CD: Granados: Doce
	Danzas I-III					    danza españolas)
		(Alicia de Larrocha)

Charles Ives: Piano Sonata No. 1 (1899-1910)		   (CD: Charles Ives:
		(Donna Coleman, piano)			   Piano Sonata No. 1)

Charles Lloyd: Anglican Chants
	Psalm 136: Give thanks to the Lord for he is good
	Psalm 137: By the waters of Babylon
		(University of London Church Choir; Richard Goodall)

Talbot: Psalm 150: Praise God in his holy temple	  (CD: Great Cathedral
		(Choir of Lincoln			  Anthems IV: The Choir
		 Cathedral; Colin Walsh)		  of Lincoln Cathedral)

Henry Purcell: O God, thou art my god			 (CD: Purcell: Complete
		(Choir of the King's			 Anthems and Services -
		 Consort; Robert King)				   5)

Robin Orr: Songs of Zion				     (CD: The Sound
	Blessed be					     of St. John's)
	By the rivers of Babylon
		(Choir of St. John's
		 College; George Guest)

Giya Kancheli: Exil					       (CD: Giya
							     Kancheli: Exil)

Thomas Tallis: Lamentations of Jeremiah - I		     (CD: Motets of
		(Clerkes of Oxenford; David Wulstan)	     Thomas Tallis)

Joseph Canteloube: Baïlèro				(CD: Chants d'Auvergne)
		(Arleen Auger, soprano; English Chamber
		 Orchestra; Yan Pascal Tortelier)

Benjamin Britten (arr.): English Folksongs		(CD: English Folksongs)
	O Waly, Waly
	The Ash Grove
		(Peter Pears, tenor;
		 Benjamin Britten, piano)

Georg Böhm: Variations on "Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu	    (CD: Georg Böhm:
	uns wend"					   Oeuvres pour orgue)
		(François Menissier, organ)

Ralph Vaughan Williams (arr.): Alistair McAlpine's	    (CD: Folk Songs)
		(Westminster Choir; Joseph Flummerfelt)

Ralph Vaughan Williams (arr.): Loch Lomond		(CD: Bushes and Briars)
		(Ian Partridge, tenor; London
		 Madrigal Singers; Christopher Bishop)

Joseph Flummerfelt (arr.): Alistair McAlpine's Lament	    (CD: Folk Songs)
		(Westminster Choir; Joseph Flummerfelt)

Antonin Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World")	      (CD: Dvorak:
		(Wiener Philharmoniker; Lorin Maazel)	     Symphony No. 9)

Dvorak (arr. Keillor): The Lake Wobegon Hymn		   (CD: Lake Wobegon
		(Garrison Keillor)			      Loyalty Days)

The Roches: The Hammond Song				    (CD: The Roches)

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Middle Ground			     (CD: Shooting
							  Straight in the Dark)

Suzanne Vega: Gypsy					(CD: Solitude Standing)

Mary Chapin Carpenter: The Moon and St. Christopher

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