West Indies Carol					  (CD: Christmas with
		(Sonos Handbell Ensemble)		     Sonos Handbell

Benjamin Britten: Saint Nicolas 			  (CD: Britten: Saint
		(Anthony Rolfe Johnson, tenor		    Nicolas / Hymn to
		 (Nicolas); Corydon Singers; English	     Saint Cecilia)
		 Chamber Orchestra; Matthew Best)

Nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse				 (CD: On Yoolis Night)
		(Anonymous 4)

Noël nouvelet						   (CD: Dancing Day)
		(Toronto Children's Chorus;
		 Jean Ashworth Bartle)

Marcel Dupré: Variations sur un [vieux] noël		     (CD: Christmas
		(George Baker, organ)			       at Trinity)

William Mathias: Sir Christémas 			     (CD: Christmas
		(Stanford University Chamber		      at Stanford)
		 Chorale; Gregory Wait)

							   (CD: Make we joy)
	William Walton: Make we joy now in this fest
	Gustav Holst (arr.): Masters in this hall
	Walton: All this time
		(Christ Church Cathedral
		 Choir; Stephen Darlington)

Claude Debussy: Noël des enfants qui n'ont plus des	   (CD: Dancing Day)
		(Toronto Children's Chorus;
		 Jean Ashworth Bartle)

William Mathias: As truly as God is our Father		  (CD: Mathias: Church
		(Christ Church Cathedral		    and Choral Music)
		 Choir; Stephen Darlington)

John Rutter: Angels' Carol				   (CD: Dancing Day)
		(Toronto Children's Chorus;
		 Jean Ashworth Bartle)

J. S. Bach: Mass in b minor				    (CD: Bach: Mass
	Gloria						       in b minor)
	Laudamus te
	Gratias agimus tibi
		(Emily van Evera, soprano; Taverner
		 Consort and Players; Andrew Parrott)

John Rutter: Dancing Day				   (CD: Dancing Day)
		(Judy Loman, harp; Toronto Children's
		 Chorus; Jean Ashworth Bartle)

John Jacob Niles & Lewis henry Horton (arr): I wonder	   (CD: A Saint-Saëns
	as I wonder					   Sort of Christmas)
		(Katy Stephan, soprano; Pacific
		 Mozart Ensemble; Richard Grant)

Shepherd's Star 					  (CD: Carols from the
		(Theatre of Voices; Paul Hillier)	   Old and New Worlds)

Louis-Claude D'Aquin: Noël X
		(Robert Bates, organ)

Keith Chapman (arr): Bring a torch, Jeannette Isabella	    (CD: Discovery /
		(James Welch)				  Music for Christmas)

The Holly and the Ivy					   (CD: Christmas now
		(Sneak's Noyse) 			    is drawing near)

John Rutter (arr): The Twelve Days of Christmas 	(CD: Carols from Clare)
		(Clare College Choir; John Rutter)

Children go where I send thee				    (CD: Standing in
		(Fairfield Four)			    the Safety Zone)

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