New Year's

J. S. Bach: Concerto in F major ("Italian"), BWV 971	 (CD: J. S. Bach: Works
		(Gustav Leonhardt, harpsichord) 	    for harpsichord)

Georg Frideric Händel: The Triumph of Time and Truth	    (CD: Handel: The
		(Gillian Fisher (Beauty), Emma Kirkby	     Triumph of Time
		 (Deceit), sopranos; Charles Brett	       and Truth)
		 (Counsel, or Truth), countertenor; Ian
		 Partridge (Pleasure), tenor; Stephen
		 Varcoe (Time), bass; London Handel
		 Choir and Orchestra; Denys Darlow)

Claude-Bénigne Balabastre: Où s'en vont ces gais	   (CD: Joyeux Noël)
		(James Johnson, organ)

Antonio Vivaldi: Winter (from The Four Seasons) 		(CD: The
		(Ransom Wilson, flute;			    Nutcracker Suite)
		 Modern Mandolin Quartet)

Felix Mendelssohn: There shall a star from Jacob come	 (CD: A Time of Peace)
		(Choir of Belfast
		 Cathedral; David Drinkell)

John Bertalot: Little baby born at dark midnight	   (CD: Welcome Yule)
		(Princeton Singers; John Bertalot)

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