Bunches of Birthdays

This Monday is a holiday commemorating George Washington's birthday and unofficially, Abraham Lincoln's birthday, too, but the South still hasn't forgiven Abe. In honor of this, Charles Ives's Variations on America (that's "God Save the Queen" to any British who may be reading this).

Also, the anniversaries of the births of Andrés Segovia, guitarist (February 21, 1893), Charles Marie Widor, organist and composer (February 21, 1844), and George Frideric Handel (February 23, 1685) are commemorated with representative recordings.

On the liturgical calendar, the Transfiguration is represented here with the work of Larry King, written for choir, organ, and electronics (on prerecorded tape). The beginning of the Lenten season is represented by a Tallis setting of Salvator mundi ("Savior of the world"); this particular piece uses a tune more frequently associated with the Veni creator text, but offers an opportunity to play a portion of Maurice Duruflé's work, more commonly associated with the Pentecostal season.

Paul Lansky: Six Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion	     (CD: Fantasies
							      and Tableaux)

Judith Shatin: Ruah					   (CD: Judith Shatin
		(Renee Siebert, flute; Prism		     / Peter Child)
		 Chamber Orchestra; Robert Black)

Walter Hus: First String Quartet			  (CD: Quadro Quartet
	Scherzo 					    Plays Walter Hus)
		(Quadro Quartet)

Charles Marie Widor: Symphonie V, Op. 42
		(James Welch, organ)

J. S. Bach: Suite No. 3 for solo cello			    (CD: The Segovia
		(Andrés Segovia, guitar)		    Collection, Vol.
								2 (Bach))

J. S. Bach: Toccata in F major, BWV 540 		(CD: Inaugural Recital)
		(David Higgs, organ)

Charles Ives: Variations on America			 (CD: Yankee Come Home)
		(Marian Ruhl Metson, organ)

George Frideric Handel: Nisi Dominus			   (CD: Handel: Dixit
		(Diana Montagu, contralto; John Mark	 Dominus / Nisi Dominus
		 Ainsley, tenor; Simon Birchall, bass;	     / Salve Regina)
		 Choir and Orchestra of Westminster
		 Abbey; Simon Preston)

Thomas Tallis: Salvator Mundi				   (CD: Tallis: Missa
		(Clerkes of Oxenford; David Wulstan)	    "Puer natus est")

Maurice Duruflé: Choral Varié on "Veni Creator" 	  (CD: Organ Music by
		(Gentlemen of St. Paul's Cathedral	    Maurice Duruflé)
		 Choir; John Scott, organ)

Larry King: The Transfiguration / The Song of Mary	  (CD: Organ & Choral
		(Choir of Trinity Church,		  Music of Larry King)
		 Wall Street; Larry King)

George Frideric Handel: Dixit Dominus			   (CD: Handel: Dixit
	Virgam virtutis 				 Dominus / Nisi Dominus
		(Diana Montagu, contralto; Orchestra	     / Salve Regina)
		 of Westminster Abbey; Simon Preston)

Benjamin Britten: Saint Nicholas			  (CD: Britten: Saint
	God moves in a mysterious way			   Nicholas / Hymn to
		(Corydon Singers; English			Cecilia)
		 Chamber Orchestra; Matthew Best)

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