Mixed Up Class Playlist, March 4, 1996

Charles Tournemire: Deux Fresques Symphoniques Sacrées	      (CD: Charles
		(Timothy J. Tikker, organ)		  Tournemire: The Last
							 Symphonic Organ Works)

Maurice Ravel: Sonata for violin and piano		    (CD: Soundtrack:
		(Jean-Jacques Kantorow, violin; 	   Un coeur en hiver)
		 Jacques Rouviers, piano)

Elinor Armer: The Great Instrument of the Geggerets	   (CD: Uses of Music
		(Ursula K. Le Guin, Elinor		   in Uttermost Parts)
		 Armer, narrators; Women's
		 Philharmonic; JoAnn Falleta)

John Sheppard: Missa "Cantate"				     (CD: Sheppard:
		(Clearkes of Oxenford; David Wulstan)	    Messe "Cantate")

Miracles of Sant'Iago					     (CD: Miracles
	Nostra phalanx plaudat leta			      of Sant'Iago)
	Ad sepulcrum beati Iacobi
		(Anonymous 4)

Michael Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore		    (CD: Dances from
		(Early Music Consort of London) 	   Terpsichore, etc.)

Gerald Finzi: Let us garlands bring			   (CD: Bryn Terfel:
		(Bryn Terfel, baritone; 		      The Vagabond)
		 Malcolm Martineau, piano)

George Butterworth: When I was one and twenty		   (CD: Bryn Terfel:
		(Bryn Terfel, baritone; 		      The Vagabond)
		 Malcolm Martineau, piano)

Songs of Robert Burns					    (CD: Between the
	Oran gaoil / Thine I am 			     Late and Early)
	Weary fa you Duncan Gray
		(Susan Rode Morris, soprano;
		 Phebe Craig, harpsichord)

Adriano Banchieri: Il Festino de Giovedì Grasso 	    (CD: Banchieri:
		(Concerto Italiano;				Festino)
		 Rinaldo Alessandrini)

W. A. Mozart: Adagio in C, K. 356			       (CD: Glass
		(Dennis James, glass armonica)		     Music, Vol. 1)

John Ireland: John Masefield poetry			   (CD: Bryn Terfel:
	Sea fever					      The Vagabond)
	The vagabond
		(Bryn Terfel, baritone;
		 Malcolm Martineau, piano)

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