Mixed Up Class Playlist, April 22, 1996

Gavin Bryars: The Sinking of the Titanic		    (CD: The Sinking
							    of the Titanic )

Palestrina: Sicut cervus				    (CD: Palestrina:
		(Choir of Christ Church 		   Mass for Pentecost
		 Cathedral; Stephen Darlington) 	       and Motets)

Herbert Howells: Like as the Hart			  (CD: Great Cathedral
		(Choir of Lincoln			    Anthems, Vol. 4)
		 Cathedral; Colin Walsh)

Stanislas Syrewicz: Processional			    (CD: Soundtrack:
		(David Briggs, organ)			       The Choir)

Knut Nystedt: Veni sancti spiritum			      (CD: Vidu!)
		(San Jose State University Choraliers)

William Dawson (arr.): Ezekiel				      (CD: Vidu!)
		(San Jose State University Choraliers)

Cesar Franck (arr. Stanislas Syrewicz): Panis Angelicus
		(Anthony Way; Warsaw Philharmonia)

Otmar Macha: Shepherd Songs				    (CD: By Request)
	Hojaja, hojaja
	Hoj, hura hoj!
		(The American Boychoir; James Litton)

Ludovico da Viadana: Exsultate justi			    (CD: By Request)
		(The American Boychoir; James Litton)

Georg Frideric Hädel: Esther
	Dread not, righteous queen
	All virtue, truth and innocence
	Jehovah crown'd, with glory bright
		(Drew Minter, countertenor;
		 Ian Partridge, tenor; Chorus &
		 Orchestra of The Academy of Ancient
		 Music; Christopher Hogwood)

Francis Jackson: Fanfare				 (CD: Michael Murray at
		(Michael Murray, organ) 		  Salisbury Cathedral)

George L. Cobb: The Russian Rag
		(Dennis James, piano)

Song of the Volga boatmen
		(Dennis James, theremin)

George Gershwin: Summertime (from "Porgy and Bess")
		(Dennis James, theremin;
		 James Welch, piano)

Ramón Noble: Toccatina
		(James Welch, organ)

Fred Schnaubelt: Andante
		(Dennis James, cristal)

Jean François Dandrieu: Noël: Quand le sauveur Jesus	     (CD: Scherzo)
		(Gillian Weir, organ)

Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony Op. 4
	Boisterous Bourrée
	Playful Pizzicato
	Frolicsome Finale

Felix Mendelssohn: Song without words			     (CD: Songs my
		(Arturo Delmoni, violin;		    mother taught me)
		 Meg Bachman Vas, piano)

Eugène Gigout : Scherzo 				     (CD: Scherzo)
		(Gillian Weir)

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