Mixed Up Class Playlist, April 29, 1996

Eric Coates: Elizabeth of Glamis			(CD: A Birthday Concert
		(English Chamber Orchestra;		   for my Grandmother)
		 Raymond Leppard)

Einojuhani Rautavaara: Symphony No. 5			 (CD: Cantus Arcticus)
		(Leipzig Symphony
		 Orchestra; Max Pommer)

George Dyson: Fantasia and Ground Bass			(CD: Dyson: Hierusalem)
		(Thomas Trotter, organ)

George Dyson: Three Choral Hymns			(CD: Dyson: Hierusalem)
		(St. Michael's Singers; Thomas
		 Trotter, organ; Jonathan Rennert)

Henry Purcell (attr): The Tempest			     (CD: Purcell:
		(Carol Hall, mezzo-soprano (Ariel);	      The Tempest)
		 David Thomas, Roderick Earle, basses
		 (devils); Monteverdi Choir and
		 Orchestra; John Eliot Gardiner)

Johannes Brahms: Liebeslieder Walzer			      (CD: Brahms:
		(Gächinger Kantorei			  Liebeslieder Walzer)
		 Stuttgart; Helmuth Rilling)

Samuel Sebastian Wesley: Ascribe to the Lord		     (CD: Cathedral
		(Choir of Worcester			   Anthems by Wesley)
		 Cathedral; Donald Hunt)

Arthur Sullivan: Overture to Ruddigore			     (CD: Sullivan
		(Scottish Chamber Orchestra;		       Overtures)
		 Sir Alexander Faris)

William S. Gilbert & Arthur S. Sullivan: Gilbert &	    (CD: A Gilbert &
	Sullivan					    Sullivan Gallery)
	My eyes are fully open
	There grew a little flower
	When a merry maiden marries
		(D'Oyly Carte Opera Company)

How to write your own Gilbert & Sullivan operetta	       (CD: Anna
		(Anna Russell)				     Russell Sings?)

Da nyet, da nyet					       (CD: Anna
		(Anna Russell)				     Russell Sings?)

Callixa Lavallée: O Canada				   (CD: The Red Army
		(The Red Army Chorus; Igor Agafonnikov)      Chorus Salutes

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