Mixed Up Class Playlist, May 13, 1996

Louis Vierne: Symphony No. 1, Op. 14			   (CD: Vierne: Organ
		(Michael Murray, organ) 		 Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3)

Reza Vali: Four Movements for String Quartet & String	    (CD: Reza Vali:
	Orchestra					    Persion Folklore)
	Allegro scherzando
		(Cuarteto Latinoamericano; Carnegie
		 Mellon Philharmonic Orchestra; Juan
		 Pablo Izquierdo)

Samuel Barber: Medea					   (CD: Barber: Medea
		(New Zealand Symphony			     / Third Essay /
		 Orchestra; Andrew Schenk)		     Fadograph ...)

Magnificat ("St. Thomas"): Conrad Susa			 (CD: Praise the Lord)
		(Choir of St. Thomas Church,
		 NYC; Gerre Hancock)

Johannes Brahms: Marienlieder, Op. 22			     (CD: Schubert:
		(Regensburger Domspatzen;		     Deutsche Messe)
		 Georg Ratzinger)

Robert Parsons: Ave Maria				   (CD: All Creation
		(Princeton Singers; John Bertalot)		Rejoices)

Gustav Holst: Ave Maria 				 (CD: Mysteries Beyond)
		(Voices of Ascension; Dennis Keene)

John Tavener: Hymn to the Mother of God 		   (CD: All Creation
		(Princeton Singers; John Bertalot)		Rejoices)

Gabriel Fauré: Huit Pièces brèves			  (CD: Fauré: Complete
		(Kathryn Stott, piano)			  Music for the Piano)

W. A. Mozart: Ah, vous dirais-je Maman, K. 265		    (CD: The Swingle
		(The Swingle Singers; Ward Swingle)	     Singers: Anyone
							    for Mozart, Bach,
							    Handel, Vivaldi?)

John Dowland: The Lady Laiton's Almain			   (CD: Dowland: Lute
		(Robert Spencer, lute)			   Songs / Lute Solos)

Plucked Strings 					  (CD: The Instruments
		(Martin Bookspan, narrator;		   of the Middle Ages
		 Musica Reservata of London)		    and Renaissance)

John Dowland: Me, me, and none but me			   (CD: Dowland: Lute
		(Robert Spencer, lute)			   Songs / Lute Solos)

Brahms: Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer		  (CD: Brahms: Songs)
		(Elly Ameling, soprano;
		 Rudolf Jansen, piano)

Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2				   (CD: Brahms: Piano
		(Gina bachauer, piano; London		     Concerto No. 2)
		 Symphony Orchestra; Antal Dorati)

Kenneth Leighton: Awake, my Glory			 (CD: My Beloved Spake)
		(Choir of St. Mary's Episcopal
		 Cathedral, Edinburgh; Dennis Townhill)

Ralph Vaughan Williams: O clap your hands		    (CD: Millennium)
		(Choir of Westminster Abbey;
		 London Brass; Martin Neary)

Orlando Gibbons: O clap your hands			   (CD: All Creation
		(Princeton Singers; John Bertalot)		Rejoices)

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