Springer '96, Part 2

Judith Shatin: Ruach					   (CD: Judith Shatin
	Soaring 					     / Peter Child)
		(Renee Siebert, flute; Prism
		 Chamber Orchestra; Robert Black)

Edward Elgar: Enigma Variations 			   (CD: Composers in
		(Royal Albert Hall Orchestra;		 Person: Elgar / Holst)
		 Edward Elgar (1926))

Clérambault: Suit du Premier Ton			 (CD: Organs of Oxford)
		(David Burchell (New College))

Christopher Gibbons: Verse in A minor			 (CD: Organs of Oxford)
		(Magnus Williamson (Magdalen College))

John Dowland: Dowland Songs and Dances			     (CD: Dowland:
	The Frog Galliard				    Farewell, Unkind)
	Now, oh now I needs must part
	Psalm 100
		(Boston Camerata; Joel Cohen)

St. Patrick's Breastplate				      (CD: Belfast
		(Choir of Belfast Cathedral)		    Cathedral Choir)

Richard Marlow (arr.): Veni Creator			 (CD: Come, Holy Ghost)
		(Choir of Trinity College,
		 Cambridge; Richard Marlow)

David Hurd: Come thou Holy Paraclete			 (CD: Best of Trinity's
		(Adult Choir of Trinity Church, 	     Choirs, Vol. I)
		 Princeton; Robert Palmer)

Anthony Furnivall (arr.): Amazing Grace 		   (CD: Rejoice! Give
		(Choir of Men, Boys and Girls of	    thanks and sing)
		 Trinity Church, Princeton; James
		 H. Litton)

David Cope: Bach Inventions by Design			  (CD: Bach by Design)

Here the second part of Matt Springer's March 1996 recital continues from the Mixed Up Class show of May 27.

Antonin Dvorák: Quintet in G Major, Op. 77
		(Matt Springer, Susan Haddox,
		 violins; Monte Benaresh, viola;
		 Isaac Rhew, cello; Alice Lee, bass)

Paul Smadbeck: Rhythm Song
		(Matt Springer, marimba)

Edvard Grieg (arr. Matt Springer): Three Grieg Dances
	Norweigian Dance
	Arabian Dance
		(Jung Choi, bells; Chi Zhang,
		 xylophone; Victor Lee, vibraphone;
		 Matt Springer, marimba)

Zhan ma ben teng
		(Matt Springer, marimba;
		 Zhao Yangqin, yangqin)

Keiko Abe: Dream of the Cherry Blossoms (CD: Light in (Evelyn Glennie, marimba) the Darkness) The man with the Bright Red Car (CD: Hurry on home) (Kristina Olsen)

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