Americana for Independence Day

This program presents a skewed cross-section of American music, especially the patriotic sort. There's also Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, which has nothing to do with the US, but always gets played on July 4 because of the mutual association with explosives and fireworks.

Ned Rorem: Rain over the Quaker graveyard		    (CD: The King of
		(Catharine Crozier, organ)		     Instruments: A
							    Listener's Guide)

Dudley Buck: Concert variations: The star-spangled	      (CD: Yankee:
	banner						       Come Home!)
		(Marian Ruhl Metson, organ)

Henri Vieuxtemps: Souvenir d'Amérique: Burlesque	 (CD: Violin and Organ:
	Variations on "Yankee Doodle"			 The Murray/Lohuis Duo)
		(Robert Murray, violin;
		 Ardyth Lohuis, organ)

William Schumann: New England Triptych			   (CD: A Tribute to
		(Seattle Symphony; Gerard Schwartz)	    William Schumann)

Frederick Fennell & The Dallas Wind Symphony		   (CD: Beachcomber:
	Meredith Wilson: 76 Trombones			    Encores for Band)
	Samuel A. Ward: America, the Beautiful

Frederick Fennell & The Eastman Wind Ensemble		  (CD: Mercury Living
	Leroy Anderson: The Syncopated Clock		    Presence: You Are
	John Philip Sousa: The Liberty Bell March		 There!)

Irving Berlin: Alexander's Ragtime Band 		       (CD: Sonos
		(Sonos Handbell Ensemble;		   Handbell Ensemble)
		 James Meredith)

Mack Wilberg (arr.): My Shepherd will supply my need	  (CD: The Choirs and
		(BYU Concert Choir)			  Orchestra of Brigham
							    Young University)

Robert Lowry: Shall we gather at the river?		       (CD: Sonos
		(Sonos Handbell; James Meredith)	   Handbell Ensemble)

Come O thou traveller unknown				   (CD: The American
		(Daniel McCabe, baritone;			Vocalist)
		 Joel Cohen, guitar)

Virgil Thomson: And did those feet?			  (CD: Virgil Thomson)
		(Philip Forhnmayer, baritone;
		 H. Jac McCracken, piano)

Aaron Copland: Four Motets				   (CD: Copland: Old
	Help us, O Lord 				     American Songs)
	Thou, O Jehovah, abideth forever
	Have mercy on us, O Lord
	Sing ye praises to our King
		(Mormon Tabernacle Choir; Jerold D. Ottley)

Ludwig van Beethoven: 7 variations on "God save the King"  (CD: The Beethoven
		(Melvin Tan, fortepiano)		  Broadwood Fortepiano)

American Songs						    (CD: Folk Songs)
	Stephen Foster: Old folks at home
	Stephen Foster: Beautiful dreamer
	Polly wolly doodle
		(Westminster Choir; Joseph Flummerfelt)

Hammerstein / Kern: Ol' Man River			   (CD: Paul Robeson:
		(Paul Robeson)				      The Legendary
							     Moscow Concert)

Cecil Sharp (arr.): Oh John no! 			   (CD: Paul Robeson:
		(Paul Robeson)				      The Legendary
							     Moscow Concert)

Georg Frideric Handel: Musick for the Royal Fireworks	    (CD: Coronation
	La Réjouissance 				   Anthems: Musick for
	Bourréee					  the Royal Fireworks)
		(The King's Consort; Robert King)

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture 		   (CD: Tchaikovsky:
		(Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra)	     1812 Overture)

Claude-Bénigne Balbastre: Marche des Marseillois et l'air Ça-Ira
		(James Welch, organ)

William Steffe/Julia Ward Howe (arr. Peter Wilhousky):	  (CD: The Choirs and
	Battle Hymn of the Republic			  Orchestra of Brigham
		(Men's Chorus & Philharmonia of 	    Young University)
		 BYU; David DaltonBYU Concert Choir)

Charles Ives: Variations on America			      (CD: Yankee:
		(Marian Ruhl Metson, organ)		       Come Home!)

Aaron Copland: Appalachian Spring			  (CD: Mercury Living
		(Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra)	    Presence: You Are

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