Mixed Up Class Playlist, August 19, 1996

This program is just 2 hours long, because I had to get to an early meeting. Kara Whacked continued with some movie/classical programming, but that's not recorded here.

This week's programming borrowed from the BBC Proms series is Dvorák's 9th Symphony, from Prom 39.

Samuel Barber: The Lovers				    (CD: Barber: The
		(Dale Duesing, baritone;		    Lovers / Prayers
		 Chicago Symphony Orchestra		     of Kierkegaard)
		 and Chorus; Andrew Schenk)

Marcel Dupré: Three Preludes and Fugues, Op. 7		  (CD: Great European
		(Jane Watts, organ)			     Organs, No. 18)

J. S. Bach: Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden		    (CD: J. S. Bach:
		(La Chapelle Royalle; Collegium 	   Les Grandes Motets)
		 Vocale, Gent; Orchestre de la
		 Chapelle Royalle)

Henry Purcell: Fly, bold rebellion			 (CD: Purcell: Complete
		(Gillian Fisher, Tessa Bonner, soprano;     Odes and Welcome
		 James Bowman, counter-tenor; Rogers	     Songs, Vol. 3)
		 Covey-Crump, high tenor; Rufus
		 Müeller, tenor; Michael George, bass;
		 The King's Consort; Robert King)

Robert Burns: *Rose					      (CD: Between
		(Phebe Craig, harpsichord)		     Early and Late)

Antonin Dvorák: Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World")	      (CD: Dvorak:
		(Wiener Philharmoniker; Lorin Maazel)	     Symphony No. 9)

The Lake Wobegon Hymn					   (CD: Lake Wobegon
		(Garrison Keillor)			      Loyalty Days)

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