Mixed Up Class Playlist, August 26, 1996

This week's programming borrowed from the BBC Proms series is Felix Mendelssohn's oratorio, Elijah, from Prom 48, presented on the 150th anniversary of its original premier. Proms performers for Elijah include Richard Hickox, conductor, and the London Symphony Chorus, both of whom are in the recording used here.

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Sonata IV in D		      (CD: Biber:
		(Sanssouci-Ensemble, Hamburg)		     Sontas (1681))

Lou Harrison: The Perilous Chapel				(CD: The
		(San Francisco Contemporary Players)	    Perilous Chapel)

Jonathan Harvey: Lotuses				(CD: Jonathan Harvey 1)
		(Felix Renggli, flute;
		 Arditti String Quartet)

Kenneth Leighton: Household Pets, Op. 86		 (CD: Kenneth Leighton:
		(Eric Parkin, piano)			  Piano Music, Vol. 1)

John Dowland: Lute Songs				    (CD: It Fell on
	Awake, sweet love				     a Summer's Day)
	Fine knacks for ladies
	It fell on a summer's day
	Never weather-beaten sail
		(Ian Partridge, tenor;
		 Jakob Lindberg, lute)

John Dowland: Never weather-beaten sail 		    (CD: It Fell on
		(Ian Partridge, tenor;			     a Summer's Day)
		 Jakob Lindberg, lute)

Samuel Barber: Knoxville: Summer of 1915		    (CD: Knoxville:
		(Dawn Upshaw, soprano; Orchestra	     Summer of 1915)
		 of St. Luke's; David Zinman)

Columba aspexit 					   (CD: Sacred Songs
		(Mimi Dye, viola)			     of Hildegaard)

Ned Rorem: Three Motets 				 (CD: Praise the Lord)
		(Choir of St. Thomas
		 Church; Gerre Hancock)

Louis Vierne: Angelus
		(Kathryn Tenney, soprano;
		 James Welch, organ)

Louis-Nicolas Clérambault: Caprice sur les Grands jeux	 (CD: Sandra Soderlund
	(de Suite du 2me ton)				 on the Rosales Op. 11)
		(Sandra Soderlund, organ)

Felix Mendelssohn: Elijah				   (CD: Mendelssohn:
		(Willard White, baritone (Elijah);		 Elijah)
		 Rosalind Plowright, soprano; Linda
		 Finnie, contralto; Arthur Davies,
		 tenor; London Symphony Chorus and
		 Orchestra; Richard Hickox)

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