September 16: Last Night of Proms

The Last Night of the BBC Proms traditionally features "peculiarly chauvinistic" selections, much of which is immutable. Several of these pieces are included at the end of this program, composed by Wood, Arne, Elgar, and Parry.

As I quoted last year:

The Last Night is the most overrated event of the musical calendar. It's awful (although this year there's a new work which should confuse the partygoers) with people waving Union flags and letting off klaxons. It's one of those institutions which cannot be changed under pain of something-really-nasty as one conductor found a few years ago when he tried to drop "Land of Hope and Glory" and "Rule, Britannia" from the programme. It's much better to go to the real concerts.
--Disenchanted UK Music Lover

In spite of the naysaying, Last Night is perhaps the most popular concert event in England; imitation "Last Night" events have sprouted all over the Fair Isle...

Jeremiah Clarke: Trumpet Tune ["The Prince of Denmark's     (CD: The Sounds
	March"] 					       of Trinity)
		(Ross Wood, organ; Trinity
		 Brass Ensemble; Brian Jones)

Franz Liszt: Fantasia and Fugue on the Chorale "Ad nos,      (CD: Music of
	ad salutarem undam"				    Pinkham & Liszt)
		(Joan Lippincott, organ)

Franz Liszt: Prelude and Fugue on B-A-C-H		(CD: Inaugural Recital)
		(David Higgs, organ)

Conrad Susa: March for a Joyous Occasion		(CD: Inaugural Recital)
		(David Higgs, organ)

Georg Böhm: Variations on the chorale, "Herr Jesu	    (CD: Georg Böhm
	Christ, dich zu uns wend"			     / F. Menissier:
		(François Menissier)			    Orgue de Hommert)

Georg Böhm: Partita on the chorale, "Ach wie nichtig,	    (CD: Georg Böhm
	ach wie flügtig 				     / F. Menissier:
		(François Menissier)			    Orgue de Hommert)

Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon Prima 			   (CD: Lo Splendore
		(The Whole Noyse)				d'Italia)

Morten Lauridsen: Madrigali: Six "Firesongs" on 	    (CD: Lauridsen:
	Renaissance Italian Poems			      The Complete
		(Choral Cross-Ties; Bruce Browne)	     Choral Cycles)

César Franck: Panis angelicus				(CD: Allegri: Miserere)
		(Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge; Richard Marlow)

Anonymous: Three Canzonae				   (CD: Lo Splendore
	El Tutu 						d'Italia)
	El Bisson
	La Lavandara
		(The Whole Noyse)

Claudio Monteverdi: Volgendo il ciel			    (CD: Monteverdi:
		(Red Byrd; The Parley of Instruments)	   Balli and Dramatic

Franz Schubert: Lieder					   (CD: The Hyperion
	Berthas Lied in der Nacht			    Schubert Edition,
	Erlkönig						 Vol. 8)
		(Sarah Walker, mezzo soprano;
		 Graham Johnson, piano)

Marcel Languetuit: Toccata in D 			  (CD: Great European
		(David M. Patrick, organ)		      Organs No. 28
							 [Blackburn Cathedral])

Henry Purcell: Suite from the play Abdelazer		  (CD: Purcell: Ayres
		(The Parley of Instruments		    for the Theatre)
		 Instruments; Peter Holman)

Benjamin Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the	     (CD: Bernstein
	Orchestra					       Favorites:
		(Henry Chapin, narrator; New		  Children's Classics)
		 York Philharmonic Orchestra; Leonard Bernstein)

Sir Henry Wood: Fantasia on British Sea-Songs		   (CD: Music for the
	No. 8: See, the conquering hero comes		  Last Night of Proms)
		(Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Sir Charles Groves)

Thomas Arne: Rule, Britannia				   (CD: Music for the
		(Sarah Walker, mezzo-soprano;		  Last Night of Proms)
		 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus; Sir Charles Groves)

Sir Edward Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 /	   (CD: Music for the
	Land of Hope and Glory				  Last Night of Proms)
		(Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus; Sir Charles Groves)

Hubert Parry: Jerusalem 				(CD: Allegri: Miserere)
		(Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge; Richard Marlow)

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