September 30: Mixed Up Class Season Opener

Ah, the beginning of a quarter of KZSU programming, the second anniversary of Mixed Up Class. Much of this material revisits my first show.

The final hour of this program pays special attention to pipe organ music at Stanford, to highlight the Herbert Nanney Memorial Concert performed on the evening of September 30, 1996. Here's Wikipedia's information about pipe organs at Memorial Church.

Gerre Hancock: Fanfare I				 (CD: Praise the Lord)

Jean Daetwyler: Concerto for Alphorn and Orchestra	(CD: Alphorn Concertos)
		(Jozsef Molnar, alphorn; Slovak
		 Philharmonic; Urs Schneider)

Kevin Volans: String Quartet No. 2			   (CD: Kevin Volans:
		(Balanescu String Quartet)		   String Quartets No.
								 2 & 3)

Olivier Messian: Praise to the Immortality of Christ	     (CD: Fratres)
		(Maria Bachman, violin; Jon Klibonoff, piano)

John Playford (attr.): Indian Queen / Of noble race was	   (CD: Johnny, Cock
	Shinkin						      thy Beaver!)
		(Dufay Collective)

Hildegard von Bingen: Sacred Songs of Hildegard		    (CD: Symphoniae:
	O quam mirabilis est				    Spiritual Songs)
	O pulchare facies

William Mathias: As truly as God is our Father		      (CD: William
		(Christ Church Cathedral		     Mathias: Church
		 Choir; Stephen Darlington)		    and Choral Music)

Hildegard of Bingen: O Ignis Spiritus			     (CD: Spiritual
		(Mimi Dye, viola)			   Songs of Hildegard)

Gompa Heart Sutra / End title				    (CD: Soundtrack:
							     Little Buddha)

Ashia: My cousin is a Dalai Lama

Tibetan chant (title unspecified)			    (CD: Tibet: The
							    Heart of Dharma)

Mimi Dye: Mirrored Divinity				     (CD: Spiritual
		(Mimi Dye, viola)			   Songs of Hildegard)

Alec Wyton (text by John Donne): A Hymne to God the Father (LP: Rejoice! Give
		(Choir of Trinity Church,		    thanks and sing)
		 Princeton; James Litton)

Ned Rorem: Thee, God					 (CD: Praise the Lord)
		(St. Thomas Choir, New York; Gerre Hancock)

Irving Fine: The Choral New Yorker			 (CD: American Journey)
	Design for October
		(New Amsterdam Singers; Clara Longstreth)

Henry Brant: Three-Way Canon Blues			 (CD: American Journey)
		(New Amsterdam Singers; Clara Longstreth)

Siegfried Karg-Elert: Lobet den Herrn mit Pauken und	  (CD: Pomp and Pipes)
	Zimbeln schön
		(Dallas Wind Symphony; Paul Riedo, organ; Frederick Fennell)

Louis-Claude d'Aquin: Noël X
		(Robert Bates, organ)

J. S. Bach: Die alte Jahr vergangen ist			     (CD: Buxtehude
		(Harald Vogel, organ)			      and His Time)

Keith Chapman (arr.): Bring a torch, Jeannette Isabella	    (CD: Discovery /
		(James Welch, organ)			  Music for Christmas)

Herbert Nanney: Adagio molto espressivo e cantabile
		(James Welch, organ)

Anonymous: Verses on the Veni Creator			     (CD: 15th-20th
		(Kimberly Marshall, organ)		  Century Organ Music)

Dietz & Schwartz: A shine on your shoes		 (CD: The Byrd Sings!)
		(Chuck Rhode, tenor; Ron Rhode, organ)

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