Mixed Up Class Playlist, October 7, 1996

The first hour of this program combines the violin with different instruments: first, violin with computers (ca. 1968 and 1985), then violin with pipe organ, and finally, violin as member of a string quartet.

Hour 2 features early American music with an emphasis on William Billings, on the modern-calendar transposition of the 250th anniversary of his birth.

The final hour of this program, in commemoration of the past week's St. Francis Day (October 4) portrays animals in various musical forms. Peter Schickele's Bestiary combines sonic effects with visual pantomime of the creatures in question, while Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows, set to music by John Rutter, portrays animals with human-like behavior.

J. K. Randall: Lyric Variations for Violin and Computer    (CD: Open Space 5)
		(Paul Zukofsky, violin)

Paul Lansky: Pine Ridge 				   (CD: Folk Images)

Oleg Komarnitskii: Partita for Violin and Organ 	 (CD: Breached Borders)
		(Robert Murray, violin;
		 Ardyth Lohuis, organ)

Ben Johnston: String Quartet No. 9			  (CD: Stanford String
	Vigorous and defiant				  Quartet plays Bolcom
		(Stanford String Quartet)		  - Johnson - Neikrug)

Louis Vierne: Symphony No. 1, Op. 14			   (CD: Vierne: Organ
	Final						  Symphonies No. 1 & 3)
		(Michael Murray)

William Billings: Song of Songs Triptych		  (LP: Early American
	I am come into my garden			      Vocal Music)
	I charge you
	I am the Rose of Sharon
		(The Western Wind)

William Billings: O praise the Lord of Heaven		  (LP: Early American
		(The Western Wind)			      Vocal Music)

Early American Hymns					(CD: Rivers of Delight:
	Jeremiah Ingalls: Northfield			   American Hymns from
	Anonymous: Wondrous Love			     the Sacred Harp
	Ingalls: New Jerusalem				       Traditions)
		(Word of Mouth Chorus)

Gioacchino Rossini: Overture: The Barber of Seville	(CD: Rossini Overtures)
		(Berlin Philharmonic;
		 Herbert von Karajan)

Henryk Mikolay Górecki: Totum tuus			      (CD: Sermons
		(The King's Singers)			     and Devotions)

Francis Jackson: Benedicite				 (CD: My Beloved spake)
		(Choir of St. Mary's Episcopal
		 Cathedral, Edinburgh)

Peter Schickele: Bestiary: A musical theater piece for	    (CD: Schickele:
	renaissance ensemble				   Bestiary / Quartet)
		(Calliope: A Renaissance Band;
		 Peter Schickele, narrator)

John Rutter: The Wind in the Willows			       (CD: Three
		(The King's Singers)			     Musical Fables)

You are the New Day					(CD: The King's Singers
		(The King's Singers)			    20th Anniversary
							  Celebration Sampler)

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