Mixed Up Class Playlist, October 21, 1996

On this program, the first hour carries a theme of fusion Near Eastern and European classical traditions. The final hour visited the use of modern invention combined with ancient liturgical music, inspired by a recent performance of Vince Guaraldi's Jazz Mass by Santa Clara Chorale. The middle hour was mostly vocal glue...

Alan Hovahness: Sonata, Mt. Chocorua, Op. 336 (CD: Alan Hovahness: (Marvin Rosen, piano) Fred the Cat) Al Mayadine Quartet: Jadal: Oud Duo (CD: Jadal: Oud Duo) (Marcel Khalife, Charbel Rouhana, ouds; Abboud al Saadi, bass; Ali el Khatib, riq) Reza Vali: Folk Songs (No. 9) (CD: Reza Vali: (Alberto Almarza, flute; Persian Folklore) Alvaro Bitrán, cello)
Ernest Chausson: Poème de l'amour et de la mer (CD: Chausson: Poème de (Jessye Norman, soprano; Orchestre l'amour et de la mer / Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo; etc.) Armin Jordan) Giles Farnaby: Keyboard works (CD: Giles For two Virginals Farnaby's Dream) Muscadin Fantasia Meridian Alman (Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord) English National Songs (CD: English Thomas Arne: Rule Britannia National Songs) The British Grenadiers (John Potter; Lucy Skeaping; The Broadside Band) Gauthier de Coincy: D'une amour quoie et serie (CD: Les Miracles (Alla Francesca) de Nostre-Dame)
Improvisation - Fanfare (CD: Fanfare) (Gerre Hancock, organ) Vince Guaraldi at Grace Cathedral (LP: Vince Guaraldi (Vince Guaraldi Trio; Choir of at Grace Cathedral) St. Paul's Church, San Rafael) Vince Guaraldi: Linus and Lucy (CD: Vince Guaraldi: Oh, Good Grief!) Regnantem sempiterna (CD: Officium) (The Hilliard Ensemble; Jan Gabarek, soprano saxophone) Hildegard von Bingen: Vision (O euchari in leta via) (CD: Vision) (Emily van Evera; Richard Souther)
Iris Dement: Our Town (CD: Infamous Angel)
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