Mixed Up Class Playlist, October 19, 1998

A portion of the second hour surveys several approaches to setting Psalm texts to music, mostly 20th century settings.

In the final hour of this program, in observance of the early US victory at Yorktown on this day 1781, some American compositions are presented. Also, the versatile multi-genre trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, born on October 18, 1961, is briefly fêted.

Fanfare I (CD: Praise the Lord) (Gerre Hancock, organ) Sarah Hopkins: Cello chi (CD: Austral Voices) (Sarah Hopkins, cello and voice) David Diamond: Violin concerto no. 2 (CD: David Diamond: (Ilka Talvi, violin; Seattle Symphony No. 1 / Symphony; Gerard Schwarz) Violin Concerton No. 2 / The Enormous Room) Herbert Nanney: Adagio, from Sonata in E minor (CD: Instrument (James Welch, organ) of Peace)
Barry Rose: Psalm 121: I will lift up mine eyes (CD: Coronation (Choir of St. Paul's Anthems & Hymns) Cathedral; Barry Rose) Alan Hovahness: Psalm 23 - Cantata from Symphony no. (CD: Magnificat: 12, op. 188 Alan Hovahness) (Choirs of St. John's Cathedral, Denver; Donald Pearson) Leo Sowerby: I was glad [Psalm 122] (CD: Choral Music (Choir of Trinity Church, of Leo Sowerby) Wall Street; Larry King) Orlando Gibbons: Praise the Lord, O my soul [Psalm 103] (CD: Gibbons: (Clerkes of Oxenford; David Wulstan) Church Music) George Dyson: O praise God in his holiness (Psalm 150) (CD: Dyson: Hierusalem) (St. Michael's Singers; Thomas Trotter, organ; Jonathan Rennert) Giles Farnaby: Keyboard works (CD: Giles Farnaby's Pavana Dream: Keyboard Music) Why aske you Giles Farnabys Dreame (Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord) Hildegard von Bingen: Favus distillans (CD: Voice of (Sequentia) the Blood) William Mathias: As truly as God is our Father (CD: William (Christ Church Cathedral Mathias: Church Choir; Stephen Darlington) and Choral Music)
Louis Vierne: Symphony No. 1, Op. 14 (CD: Vierne: Organ Final Symphonies No. 1 & 3) (Michael Murray) Louis Moreau Gottschalk: Union: Paraphrase de concert (CD: Piano Music (Philip Martin, piano) by Louis Moreau Gottschalk) Spirituals and folk hymns (1850-1870) (CD: The American O come, come away Vocalist) School hymn The Gospel feast (The Boston Camerata; Joel Cohen) Franz Josef Haydn: Concert in E flat major for trumpet (CD: Haydn: and orchestra Favorite Concertos) (Wynton Marsalis, trumpet; National Philharmonic Orchestra; Raymond Leppard) Niccolò Paganini: Moto perpetuo (LP: Carnaval) (Wynton Marsalis, trumpet; Eastman Wind Ensemble; Donald Hunsberger) The lass from the low countree (arr. John Jacob Niles) (CD: An Old (Thomas Hampson, baritone; Song Re-Sung) Armen Guzelimian, piano) John Duke / E. A. Robinson: Luke Havergal (CD: An Old (Thomas Hampson, baritone; Song Re-Sung) Armen Guzelimian, piano) Vince Guaraldi: Linus and Lucy (CD: Joe Cool's Blues) (Wynton Marsalis Septet)
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